Hi, I'm Laura,

a writer and performer based in NYC and Washington DC.

Beyond novels, I've written for outlets like McSweeney's and HuffPost. Some favorite clips:

HuffPost: What My Grandmother Taught Me About Love, Writing, and Skinny-Dipping

McSweeney's: My Husband, Senator Ted Cruz, Is Just A Regular Guy (named an end of the year favorite by McSweeney's editor Christopher Monks!)

I also write songs, like this one about my indoor book tour for Penguin Random House! And the comedy videos I write, produce, and star in with my musical duo, Feminarchy, have been featured on Funny or Die, The Huffington PostThe New York Times, and more. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates! 

As a performer, I've been in movies (While We're Young), acted in plays and musicals regionally and off-Broadway, sung with Karen O, and played a five-year-old multiple times. Full performance resume available upon request.

As a human, I once broke my rib from hugging too hard.

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