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Hi, I'm Laura,

a writer and performer based in NYC and Washington DC.

I'm the author of HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT and the upcoming A SPECIAL PLACE FOR WOMEN.


Some favorite (shorter) writing clips:

LitHub: Rediscovering Touch Through Writing

HuffPost: What My Grandmother Taught Me About Love, Writing, and Skinny-Dipping

McSweeney's: My Husband, Senator Ted Cruz, Is Just A Regular Guy (named an end of the year favorite by McSweeney's editor Christopher Monks!)

I also write songs, like this one about my indoor book tour for Penguin Random House! And the comedy videos I make with my musical duo, Feminarchy, have been featured on Funny or Die, The Huffington PostThe New York Times, and more.

As a performer, I've been in movies (While We're Young), acted in plays and musicals regionally and off-Broadway, sung with Karen O, and played a five-year-old multiple times. Full performance resume available upon request.

As a human, I once broke my rib from hugging too hard.

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